Ice Bridge Film Comments


Below are selections from written comments we have received about the film.

We were surprised to hear from as far away as Afghanistan and Russia.

This movie is one of the best I have ever seen. The video has the most beautiful music and the voice of the narrator keeps you on your toes - to see what is next. Thank you!


Dunn, NC


I really love your Ice Bridge video.  You bring an amazing talent and artistry to a documentary type film.  I don’t know that I can tell with enough emphasis how much I truly enjoy this video.  I’ve watched it many times.  I see from the other comments that I’m not alone in this praise. The music that you have written for the video is also truly fantastic.  Have you ever considered putting a soundtrack CD of the music for sale?  I would buy it in a heartbeat if you did.  



Words can't describe how we felt watching this beautiful film. From the photography, the music, narration. It was absolutely one of the finest films I've ever watched.


Maureen and Len


I love the movie so much. I couldn't even begin to say how many times I've watched it. Is it possible to get the soundtrack? The music is so beautiful.




I am living in Seattle and have just finished watching your Ice Bridge Movie again with my grandson, Eli. It is one of our favorite choices for our movie night together every week. It rates right up there with Cars 2!!

Eli is "5 and a half and three quarters!!" He sat on my lap through the whole movie and commented and asked questions about everything. He loved the sledding and the horses and wants me to buy him a snowmobile for his birthday.


Seattle, WA


I just put the DVD in again, it is just so stunning and i have sent it to so many friends. I only hope you make another, we love it.



I cannot tell you what a fabulous job you did. I was struck not only by the incredible visuals but also by the original music, as it enhanced the scenes of ice, sunsets; your good efforts to make this documentary have resulted in a wonderful viewing event. It's a "must see" for nature lovers.

Elaine - Riverside, CA


The choice of locations for shooting, absolute insanity on Mark's part for standing out in it to bring back what I saw, were all beyond perfect.  Even to keep a camera working... I mean, really!  Great, great job.

The script was tight and... well... perfect.  Not only that, Jenifer's delivery was, coming from a long-time broadcaster, infinitely approachable and engaging. The work, to me, seemed perfect.

Thank you.

Bob Keeton -


Just wanted to let you know, I am ordering a third DVD. I needed to share it with a friend that worked there when i did in 1979, Little Bobs. I so enjoy every time I get out the DVD and watch, it's becoming a holiday tradition for me.

Darryl  - Minneapolis, MN


We bought it on the Island and we LOVE it.

A totally new perspective on our "favoritest" place in the world!!!

Janenne - Facebook Comment


I bought so many copies of your Ice Bridge year before last that I lost count.....each recipient who received my Christmas gift - loved it! As my sister and her daughters family watched Ice Bridge - again.... in Phoenix, AZ yesterday evening - I sat next to my a cozy fireplace in Clarkston, MI and watched it too.


What cry-babies we are! And - laughed out loud too - good job! What everyone has asked me is this..."Is there another Mackinac Island movie coming from these folks?" If I could know something precious-unique-and wonderful is coming for "Santa" to buy......Please let me know.

Linda - Clarkston, MI


This is a GREAT DVD folks, we have shared it with all our family and friends!

Well worth the money, you'll want to watch it over and over!

Twila - Facebook Comment


I received your DVD in a care package.

I want to thank you for (1) giving us the opportunity to overcome the stressful environment of Afghanistan. (2) keeping us interested so much that we had to pause or rewind to catch what we missed. (3) not only did this DVD provide an interesting background – the female voice was most relaxing, something a war zone seldom has both of.

I wanted to thank you for allowing us here in the Wild Wild West of Afghanistan – to remember why we are here.

May God bless you and America.

Wayne - Shindand Air base - Afghanistan


We watched Ice Bridge this evening.  I must tell you, I have never gotten 'teary' over a documentary type movie until tonight.  It is so warm, and full of your love for Mackinac Island.  I have been sitting here trying to come up with an adjective strong enough to tell you both how special your movie is, and there just isn't one.  The pictures are wonderful, the background music is absolutely perfect throughout, and Jennifer, your narration is so special.

We were also impressed with the time, energy and dedication you must have put in to creating, editing and finishing the movie, but never as much as we are now after seeing all of it. I just want you to know how unusually special your movie is  Thank you SO much for making it.  It is a wonderful achievement.  You should be very proud.  We hope you sell a million copies.

Dave - Lansing, MI


Thank you and Jenifer for presenting at the Historical Society of Michigan’s 135th Annual State History Conference on Mackinac Island… Your presentation and participation was a highlight for our audience.  During and following the conference we received many positive remarks.

Larry J. Wagenaar - Executive Director - Historical Society of Michigan


Thank you so much for all the time spent making and editing this movie.

I have just about every dvd about the Island and the Bridge and can honestly say yours is now at the top of my list of favorites! It made me feel like I was right there with you.

I have always wondered what the other seasons are like. Now I know!

My favorite parts are the sounds like the crackling of the ice, the blowing, crunchy leaves, etc...

Theresa - Fort Wayne, IN


Merry Christmas!  I received your "Ice Bridge" DVD for Christmas and my family and I watched it last night and LOVED IT!  The photography is absolutely beautiful and the music fits perfectly with the scenery.  The entire thing was just magnificent!!

As you say in your film, the island is an entirely different place during the winter season.  Calm.  Serene. Austere.  And sometimes brutal.  Your film captured all of those things and even more.

I have several friends who enjoy the island and I've already sent them e-mails telling them that they need to get your DVD.  Thank you very much for all of your hard work (10 years worth!) in putting together this lovely film!!!

Madelyn - Warren, Michigan


This is without a doubt the finest documentary about Mackinac Island ever made!

Bruce Miller - Mackinac Island, MI


...were we ever impressed!!! My husband is a REAL video and audio perfectionist, and very rarely is impressed with most videos. We just could not get over the beautiful video, how it was edited (special effects, etc), and the music was beautiful!

Renee - East Lansing, Michigan


I write congratulating you on your magnificent DVD production Ice Bridge, Mackinac Island's Hidden Season. I am also in the aerial photography / publishing business, having produced the table-top book, Michigan Lighthouses, An Aerial Photographic Perspective, and therefore have some creditability in offering my comments.

The entire production is a class act! I can appreciate your commitment in time and money in producing such an elegant movie! I am so impressed that I will order copies under separate cover to give away as gifts. I wish you great success with your DVD, you deserve every bit of success that comes your way.

John L. Wagner - East Lansing, Michigan -


My wife and I just viewed “Ice Bridge” last night and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. What a tremendous job you 2 filmmakers did putting this together. You should be proud! My wife and I both felt as though we were back on the Island while watching Ice Bridge. Congratulations to both of you!

Mike - Sylvania, Ohio


Dear Filmmaker,

Congratulations! We are glad to inform you that your film, Ice Bridge: Mackinac Island's Hidden Season, has been selected for screening at the 2008 Detroit Docs International Film Festival, October 29th through November 2nd. This year we received and viewed numerous high quality films from around the world. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to make your outstanding work a part of Detroit Docs '08.

The Detroit Documentary Film Festival Team


I just finished watching the movie and it brought tears to my eyes...  The movie is spectacular... What a magical place Mackinac looks like in the winter. Well done and congratulations on taking the time to show everyone what a wonderful place that Mackinac still is and will remain for generations to come.

Patsy - Denver, Colorado


Wow! Great service-that was fast!   I can't thank you enough, and can't wait to watch it again & share it with my brother… Awesome job on the photography, the perfect music and great job with a woman's touch for narration!!! Thank you again for sending the DVDs so quickly! 

One of your biggest Fans,

Kathy - Southern California


I love the film. Parts of it brought tears... because it is just such an excellent piece of art. And excellence brings tears of joy and celebration...

Carol - St. Ignace, Michigan


Thank You for the perfect couple of hours that I spent watching the DVD that a dear chum lent to me. As soon as I viewed it, I scooted over to my cousin's and watched it again! (Therefore the request for the two copies.  : ) !

Pauline - Warren, MI


I have had the Ice Bridge dvd for several years along with the Mighty Mac dvd, I love them both. Wonderful to see the winter side of the island. Outstanding job thank you.

Dan - Ft Wayne,IN


I had no idea Mackinac Island was this way in winter, thank you so very much for a look at how it is. I told my husband I would love to stay there for a winter just to experience it. Like stepping back in time. Peaceful and beautiful. Thanks for making the wonderful movie.:)

Suzette and Darryl - Rochester, MI


My sister and I were on the island and saw the premiere of "The Ice Bridge" at the Mission Point theatre. I bought my copy of the DVD that day. It is a beautiful movie! I watch it again and again! Can't wait to come back to the Island, I love it! Thanks for a great way to remember that trip!

Mary - Rocky Point, NY 


What a beautiful movie! I watched the DVD that a friend bought on the island last year. It was so well done, I just had to have my own copy. Thank you for your fast and efficient service.

Miriam - Hot Springs, AR


We watched the movie last week. As an aspiring film producer, photographer and musician's we were both stunned, the work is magnificent, so is your "story" and of course, the Island. The end, when you are dancing i started to cry, it was so beautiful.

thank you so much,

AnnMarie - Traverse City, Michigan


I bought this amazing movie a year ago, and shared it with my parents. The narration voice is so peaceful and an integral part of what makes this movie so poignant.  I've never visited Mackinac Island, and yearn to do so now that I've see this incredible documentary.  Maybe someday . . .

Jody - Seattle, WA


Just wanted to stop by to say hello and tell you how much I enjoyed the Ice Bridge film.

…we saw the Ice Bridge film being played in one of the little shops downtown and just had to have the DVD. Since then, I've been lending it out to family and friends, but I'm afraid one of these times it won't make its way back to me which is why a purchased a second copy today. :)

Shannon Bailey

Author of Shadowbrook Manor - A contemporary/historical ghost romance set on Mackinac Island.


My husband loved the video…we watched it Christmas night.  Thank you again for sending it so quick so he could open it for Christmas.

Alayne - Southern Michigan


I just needed to write and tell you I purchased the movie ‘Ice Bridge’ last week and watched it yesterday three times.  It was so good... I just wanted to say what a great piece of work it was, from the camera shots to the music, thanks so much.

Darryl - Lakewood, Ohio



We are a 4th grade class from Midland, Michigan.  We just finished watching your Ice Bridge movie.  We loved it!  It was great to see what the island looks like in the winter.  We loved seeing the ice bridge and how it forms.  We liked how you put the old Christmas trees out as a path marker for the snowmobiles…  We also liked that you told us about the free bologna sandwiches that are given out at the Mustang Lounge on New Years eve.


We really were amazed that you actually went on the cracks while the ice bridge was forming.  We also thought it was great that you found that old snowmobile that fell into the ice 2 years before.


Thank you for making this video.  We study Michigan all year long in 4th grade and this was a perfect video to watch since we are learning about the differences between the UP and the LP. 


4th grade class - Midland, Michigan


GREATLY enjoyed your production!

After spending many summer months on Mackinac, it was extremely interesting to see what the winter is like. Thank you for your 'labor-of-love'!!

Kevin - Campbellsport, Wisconsin


Words cannot express the emotions I felt watching Ice Bridge….

Through your movie, without leaving home I can be transported back to Mackinac Island any time I want.

Barbara - Sterling Heights, Michigan


…We purchased the DVD when we were there and love it so much… It is a truly awesome, relaxing story to watch, and the narrator's voice is so soothing.  It makes us want to visit the island during the Christmas season.

Tony & Lynne - Ypsilanti, MI


I cannot tell you how impressed I was... and the peace and solitude that came from the DVD - was just so - - - - - - at a loss for a word there.

Ann - Montague, Michigan


WHAT A TREAT!  Thanks so much..

Few films convey the sense of place so well!!

Andy and Kathy - Seattle, WA


Hi there - a friend loaned me your film and I am now buying it as a gift for another friend. Please do not include any pricing information in the package! Also a question: the film's music is fabulous and I am wondering where, if anywhere, you might have a music cd available? Many thanks!

Linda - Rapid City, MI


I just wanted to email and say how beautiful your DVD was and how breathtaking Mackinac Island is in the winter months! The ice bridge is amazing!

Thank you for making such a wonderful film! My family and I enjoyed it very much!!

David - South Bend, IN


I am a tour leader for the Florence County Parks and Recreation in Florence, SC.  I brought a group of 45 senior adults to Mackinaw in mid-September.  We had a great time as well as great weather.  We played it on our Motorcoach several times.  They loved it – not only are the pictures beautiful but the music and the vocals are so soothing.  They all want me to bring them back at Christmas time!  Thanks for giving us “a real part of Mackinac” to bring home with us!

Laura - Florence, SC


…although we are veterans to the island-- your DVD should us how little we really know. My wife is a yoga instructor and she said your music would be terrific for her classes-- do you have any instrumental DVD's? I appreciate the hours you put in producing the Ice Bridge-- Masterful job !!

Tom - Saginaw,MI


Hallo! My name is Egor. i'm from Russia. Sorry for my broken English  : )  In summer 2008 i has been in Mackinaw city...i just traveling to all states of America… i buy DVD with movie. Perfect movie! And now,when i view next time in turn... ( i right wrote? )  : ) ... i feel very good for happy time!  Thanks a lot for all!      Mark Rensel : you ideally composer. I'm in love with music.

Egor - Russia


It was a beautiful video and artfully put together, the music really set it off.  I am anxious to share with my family and I am sure the others are also.

Mary - O'fallon, Mo


Thank you so much for creating this beautiful video!  You have wonderfully captured the beauty and charm of the Island as well as the harshness Mother Nature can deal it.  I lived year-round on the Island for four years, during the storm that sank the Edmond Fitzgerald and the filming of the movie Somewhere In Time.  The video is a treasure that brought back many memories to share with family and friends.

Peggy - McCormick, SC


Last fall I sent a DVD to a penpal I have from Australia.  I often write her about the island and thought she would enjoy seeing it “first hand”.  They enjoyed it very much.  Her daughter-in-law from the Soloman Islands, now from Fiji could not imagine living in such cold conditions.  My penpal then took the DVD to church and passed it to her friends and it has been making the rounds every since.  What a wonderful treat for them to experience something we often take for granted.

Carol - Lena, Wisconsin


What a wonderful movie and so well filmed and narrated.  It echoes my sentiments about Mackinac Island. It is a wonderful, magical place - especially for a horse lover such as myself.  This film so portrays everything that makes the Island so wonderful and thank you for allowing me to, if only for a moment, experience Mackinac all year long!

Sandy - Dwight, Illinois


I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I enjoyed your beautiful film. You captured the island and her graceful seasons in such an elegant way.  The photography was amazing, the music was exceptional, and the narration was so nice and calming—I just loved it.  And my family will watch it many times.  I hope you will do more film on this region in the future!

Cyndie - West Dundee, Illinois


Thank you for shipping these DVDs so quickly. You guys did a spectacular job with this movie. Your DVD was an impulse buy at the gift shop just across from Shepler's dock just as we were leaving the island.  We've watched it three or four times already and my husband and I both just love it.

Thanks for sharing the "hidden season" with us.

Vanda  - West Texas


I wanted to let you know that I think your film is absolutely terrific! Your hard work, craftsmanship, talent and well honed appreciation for the magical beauty of Mackinac are evident and will insure that this fine piece of art will be appreciated for many years.


I received a DVD copy as a gift this week and watched the film twice.

I wish you a long and well-earned success with this triumph.


Brighton, MI 


We just returned from our usual Labor Day weekend on the island and brought back a copy of The Ice Bridge to view.  What a BEAUTIFUL job !!!  The images, the narration, the music – they are all just perfect.  Thank you for reminding me of the seasons, especially the quiet winter, on Mackinac.

My wife has heard me brag of Mackinac since we married 3 years ago and has come to love it’s restfulness too, but I can’t get her to the winters … yet.  This could change that.  Thanks again for a beautiful story!



Grand Rapids, MI


Awesome, awesome, awesome! It was worth the wait.


Mackinaw City, MI


The filming and music is so custom and well timed that it really speaks volumes about the work you did. I thought you had some orchestra music in parts of it, but apparently it is all yours!


Arlington, WA

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