Ice Bridge

Mackinac Island’s Hidden Season

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Mackinac Island, Michigan, is a tiny island in the center of the Great Lakes. Besides being a world favorite "Horse Drawn" and "Victorian Era" summer destination, the island holds another treasure few have ever seen: its wild, magical and beautiful winters.

Experience the breathtaking transformation

that happens across the ice bridge.

The 72-minute film Ice Bridge follows islanders' unique and quirky lifestyle throughout an entire year while tracing the formation of the spectacular phenomenon known as the "ice bridge"

(a three-mile span of ice that allows islanders to cross to the mainland).

The filmmakers spent five full years filming on the island, then an additional five years editing footage and creating a meticulously crafted soundtrack. Blending their original music score with narration and rare island sounds, the film achieves an exceptional "being there" quality.

Featuring footage from

Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring.

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1 Hour 12 minute DVD.


"This is Mackinac Island’s March of the Penguins

“The cinematography is amazing, the music and narration perfectly crafted..."

"Magical, Mesmerizing"

"An exceptional experience with rich spiritual qualities..."

Journey to Mackinac Island’s other side . . .

the hidden season few ever get to see.

“...without a doubt the finest documentary about Mackinac Island ever made!”